Five of the Best Apps to Train Your Brain

Wouldn’t you use a math solver to solve some of those tricky math problems? Sometimes, you can learn a lot of simple tricks and methods about math, and many other subjects, but, it doesn’t always stick in the brain. Trying to improve your brain functions is actually essential and not as difficult as you might think. There are lots of great ways to train your brain and put your mind to the test. So, what are the best apps to train your brain?

Brain Fitness Pro

You want to improve your memory? Well, this app could potentially help you work on your memory and even build your IQ! It’s user-friendly and fun! You can be quizzed on all sorts of things and you could potentially use a radical calculator to help solve some of the math problems. You’ll give the brain a workout and it’s a useful app to look to as well.


Love quizzes? Happify is a fantastic app you can use to work your cognitive abilities! You can get the mental workout you need and it’s also a useful app for those who want to de-stress! It’s free to use and can quiz you on a lot of areas. You can use a fraction calculator to help solve some of the tougher challenges too!

Math Brain Booster Games

This is the app for those who want to improve their math skills and boost cognitive functions. You could use a math solver to solve those really hard levels or test your know-how without! The app helps to train your brain in all things math so it’s putting your brain to the test. You can improve your overall functions with the app, as well as creature a plan just for your abilities. Change the skill tests as you improve with math. Check here!

CogniFit Brain Fitness

Thought about using a radical calculator to help solve your math problems? Why not use a calculator to help you in the math games you play? There are lots of ways to improve your mental alertness and cognitive skills and this app could really help. You’re able to track your progress through the app and can set the challenges as difficult as you can handle them.

Memorado Brain Training Games

Want to test your brain? Why not opt for the Memorado Brain training games app? You could actually use this to give your brain a thorough workout. It’s a simple app that offers over 720 challenging levels over 24 games. You can train your brain hard and try to improve your IQ and intelligence! You can set the challenge for as difficult as you like and test your abilities! The app allows you to set training goals and really test your know-how. If you ever came across math challenges, why not use a fraction calculator to help you?

Train the Brain

Who doesn’t want to improve their brain functions? It’s an important part of your health and wellbeing, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Training your brain is easier with the many apps available today. You can learn in a manner that suits you, which is also fun. Games can be a powerful learning tool and you should consider using them. If you ever get stuck on math games or apps, why not use a math solver to help? For more details, visit: